Working Together Towards Wellness


I offer a variety of wellness classes and nutrition programs as well as my very popular six-month integrative wellness coaching and culinary nutrition program. Regardless of which option we explore together, I will introduce to you the tools needed to create a lifetime of wellness and harmony. 

As a Health Coach my primary purpose is to give my clients the attention, guidance and support that they need to make sustainable changes and create a health supportive environment for themselves. I have been working with food and nutrition for most of the last two decades and continue my education so that I can best help my clients to make the shift necessary to become truly well.

Because no one diet works for everyone I use practical coaching methods to help discover the approach that will work best for my clients so that they achieve their health goals.

My Approach

Without a sustainable personalized plan that corresponds with our lifestyle it is difficult to achieve transformation. 

My program is designed for those who have the desire to make the change to a healthier lifestyle but just don't know where to start. I educate my clients on the benefits of nutritious foods and healthy lifestyle modifications in order to create sustainable change that organically snowballs overtime to create balance and harmony. 


Consume Mostly Food Without Labels

When we stop counting calories and the grams of whatever per serving and instead begin making sure that what we eat is delicious, whole, fresh and natural we see amazing results. Food can be either simple or gourmet, but it should always look and taste delicious.

I also give instruction on how to incorporate nourishing self care practices into the daily routine and really focus on the importance of primary foods, healthy relationships, a healthy fulfilling career, as well as a personal spiritual practice to achieving balanced wellness.

I help my clients set goals that are both attainable and sustainable, making the transition to a healthy lifestyle into something that is simple and fun. 

I have taken control over my own health by changing my diet and lifestyle and I became a Certified Holistic Health Coach because I enjoy helping others to do the same for themselves.


I am a Real Food Junkie with a passion for inspiring positive dietary change in others!

If you would like to find out if my services are right for you please get in touch by email or phone to schedule your FREE 1 hour consultation where we will discuss your goals and struggles and determine how I can best support you in reaching those goals. 

Discover how a holistic individual approach can make a huge difference in your life.