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Eating Clean In 2018 Culinary Nutrition Series at Whole Foods Market Bellingham

  • Whole Foods Market 255 Hartford Avenue Bellingham, MA, 02019 United States (map)

Eating Clean In 2018

Join Healthy Eating Specialist Dawn Berthelette for a series of FREE classes designed to help you clean up your eating habits in the new year.

Mondays in January and February at 6:30 PM in the Whole Foods Market Bellingham Cafe

  • Weekly education and support in changing the way that you think about your food choices

  • Basic recipes to keep you feeling satisfied and energized

  • Simple tips and tricks to make your 2018 the cleanest year yet

  • A community of likeminded individuals that have chosen the same path to wellness, through food

As a society, we have created a culture of convenience and instant gratification that is costing us our health. For a lot of people, just making a few simple changes can make a huge difference. There are lots of ways to simply adjust the ingredients being used to create more healthful foods for ourselves and our families. Small changes can make a big impact!


Exploring Wellness

Start the year off with an educational beginners guide to healthy eating using seasonal whole foods, including tips and ideas that will become the foundation to your clean new year.



Plant Based Meals & Snacks

Plant based diets don’t necessarily need to be vegetarian or vegan, they just need to include mostly plants. With so many options in the plant kingdom we can create nearly endless delicious combinations to delight our appetites.


The Importance Of Healthy Fats

Fats have been demonized for years as the source of our struggles with weight and our health, and some of them deserve the bad reputation. Knowing which fats can support health is an important first step to feeling better and more in control of our wellness.


Nutrient Density Unwrapped

Not all foods are created equal! The nutrient density of our food is an often overlooked aspect of healthy eating. This week we will explore which available choices contain the most health promoting properties and which are best left on the shelf.


Exploring The Five Flavors

The cooler weather dictates that we add layers to our clothing in order to stay warm, why not add layers to your meals and snacks? Learning to use all 5 flavors to create balanced dishes will take your culinary skills to the next level.


Supercharge Your Smoothie

Your smoothie likely needs a makeover! It’s time to think differently about what we add to our blenders, using nutrient dense superfoods we can create beautiful liquid meals and snacks that taste great in minutes without all the sugars.


One Pot Simplicity

Simple one-pot meals and desserts can be an easy way to shift your families diet without much fuss. Learn to include ingredients such as grains, vegetables, legumes, seeds, herbs, and/or meat without creating a huge production in the kitchen.


Sustainable Seasonal Eating

As the seasons change so do our nutritional needs and cravings. This class will focus on the importance of following a seasonal plant-based diet and how it can transform the way we feel year round.