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It's All About Me...And That's OK! A Women's Day of Wellness

  • Sustainable Harmony and Wellness 64 Berthelette Way Millville, MA, 01529 United States (map)
It’s All About Me...And That’s Ok!  A Women’s Day of Wellness

It’s All About Me...And That’s Ok!

A Women’s Day of Wellness

Location: Dawn’s Home, Millville, MA   

Location: Dawn’s Home, Millville, MA


Date: Sat, Oct 8th             Time: 9am-3pm

Cost: $199 Register by 9/23 for Discounted Rate of $175

Get a Friend to Register and Receive a Discounted Rate of $149.

Email the name of your friend that registered, and receive a refund the day of the event.

Want to kick off this holiday season feeling joyous and energized, rather than stressed out, overwhelmed and stuck?

When you take the time to properly care for yourself all aspects of your life will improve.

Join Certified Health Coaches, Jean Gillis, Dawn Berthelette, and Fiona Johnston for a day that’s all about YOU and your wellbeing. Learn practical techniques that you can start using immediately to nourish yourself,  mind, body, and spirit and begin to create sustainable positive changes to your relationships, career, health, mood, dreams and goals.

Group sessions focusing on your emotional needs, practicing mindfulness, and nourishing your body with real food will inspire you and give you the tools to thrive, not only through the upcoming holidays, but in your everyday life.

Plus you’ll take home free samples and tools to help get you started on your own.

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9am -     Welcome, Introductions

10am - Emotional Triad - Fiona

    During this short session you will learn all about your TRIAD. Fiona will show you how to think, feel and move in order to create positive and lasting improvement on your approach to life, especially the challenges…Wahoo, get ready to finally TAKE CONTROL of your emotions, especially when you feel like you are being pulled from all directions.

11:00am - Everyday Mindfulness- Jean

It’s a busy world. In our rush to accomplish everything we often lose our connection with the present moment. This disconnect can prevent us from experiencing life fully. Jean will provide some simple mindfulness exercises to help you become more fully present, improve your physical and mental health, and your overall wellbeing.

12:00pm - Mindful Meal and Cooking Demonstration - Dawn

Cooking for ourselves allows us the opportunity to practice mindfulness and connect our bodies with nature multiple times every day. Nature creates exactly what we need, right when we need it, so eating with the seasons helps us to maintain a strong and healthy immune system and creates happy, balanced people. Dawn will cover the basics of incorporating mindfulness in the kitchen (especially when finding the time for meditation seems hard to do) and will focus on creating simple and delicious meals using nutrient dense plant foods that nourish our bodies and prepare us for the coming busy season.

2:00pm - Psychological Breakthrough - Fiona

    Fiona will explain the 6 Human Needs. These are emotional needs we all have and how we meet them on a daily basis. We will learn how to create incredible meaning in our lives while experiencing more joy than ever before. We will also learn why dysfunctional relationships in our life right now, are causing so much pain and how we can quickly and effectively turn them around so that holiday time, and any time with family and friends is a time for more joy, more satisfaction and more all around fabulousness!

3:00pm - Optional Meditative Walk/Hike - All

Walking meditation is a fun, and active way to practice mindfulness. We will connect with the breath, and practice being more fully present in our bodies, as we walk on a scenic, wooded path; surrounded by nature. Jean will lead you on a guided meditation focused on cultivating self-love.

About Jean Gillis

Jean is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, USAT 1 Triathlon Coach and ACSM Personal Trainer. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, and their large family of fur-babies, dogs, horses, chickens and more. She is also an experienced endurance athlete, two-time Ironman triathlete, ultra distance trail runner and marathoner. Diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2012, but determined to improve her health without medication, she now uses the knowledge gained from that journey to inspire others to take charge of their health, and empower them with the tools to do so. She supports and motivates people in reaching their wellness and fitness goals through lifestyle changes which address nutrition, exercise, weight and stress management, mindfulness, life balance, and positive psychology.

About Fiona Johnston

Fiona is a successful entrepreneur and sales professional from the UK, who lives in Massachusetts with her husband Andrew and their two children, Taeo and Amélie. Having learned of the benefits of alkalizing from a Tony Robbins seminar, she made it her mission to learn as much as she could, from as many people as possible, so she could transform her health and the health of her family and friends.
Trained by Cloe Madanes, one of America’s top physiotherapists, Mark and Magali Peysha, founders of Robbins-Madanes Training, Fiona uses Human Needs Psychology through Strategic Intervention, to transform the lives of people in all walks of life, all  around the world by teaching the various approaches to achieving one Ultimate Happiness, one Ultimate Health. This has given her the title of Holistic Health and Solutions based Coach. She is Juiced by Life!

About Dawn Berthelette

Dawn is a real food junkie with a passion for inspiring positive dietary change in others. With a background in the culinary world she enjoys creating simple systems in the kitchen that promote a seasonal whole food diet. She has taken control over her own health, focusing on nutritious food and mindful lifestyle modifications, and works with others who have the desire to make a change in themselves.


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