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Six-Month Culinary Nutrition Program


Culinary Nutrition Program

(Two Options)

My 6 Month Program is priced on a sliding scale.  More specific information is available after an initial consultation.


Six Month Phone/Skype Program

12 One-Hour Sessions, Unlimited Email Support 

6 One-Hour Sessions, Unlimited Email Support 


Six Month On Location Program

 12 One-Hour Sessions, Unlimited Email Support 

 6 One-Hour Sessions, Unlimited Email Support 



Personal Sessions

You decide the topic and length of our visit! Reserve my time and use it how you see necessary. This could be anything from store tours, private cooking lessons or my personal chef services. Pricing varies depending on the services requested.


Group and Private Cooking Classes For All Skill Levels

 (both children and adults)


Health Supportive Cooking Classes and Parties

For All Skill Levels (both children and adults)

I offer group and private health supportive cooking classes and parties that will help you to find creative healthful alternatives to the foods that you have always loved.        

Cooking parties are a great way to expand your knowledge and skills in the kitchen!

These classes can be tailored to your specific interests and can be held in my spacious kitchen or at a location of your choosing (even outdoors, I'm portable!)


Educational Talks and Speaking Presentations

My passion is to demonstrate and instruct others on living and eating in a way that keeps us in accord with the natural rhythms of the seasons. I offer wellness seminars and talks, real food nutrition classes, cooking instruction and more. I work with individuals and groups of all ages and ability levels and I adapt my lessons to suit the needs of my students.



I have taken control over my own health by changing my diet and lifestyle and I became an Integrative Health Coach to help others do the same. 

I am a Real Food Junkie with a passion for inspiring positive change in others!


My passion for helping others transform their lives by eating and living in accordance with the natural rhythms of the seasons brings balance and pleasure to my life. 

My classes and programs are designed to show people how very simple and rewarding it can be to live and eat in harmony with the cyclical rhythms of the earth.

I focus on real food nutrition because it truly is the foundation of good health!

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