Some Simple Tips

People always ask me if I write meal plans and my standard answer is No! I feel that by moving away from rigid recipes and carefully plotted plans we often find a more intuitive way to prepare our food which ends up serving us better in the long run. An easy approach is to keep these simple tips in mind and don't fret over the details of it all.


eat greens first

eat green food at every meal

start your day with greens

vary the greens that you use

keep your greens vibrant


choose nutrient dense foods

choose high quality foods

make nutrition high priority

eat living foods

choose less domesticated varieties

prepare most of your own food

eat with the seasons


batch cook twice a week

prep your produce

chew your food well

eat while seated

be mindful while eating, be present

dont eat when you are stressed

drink plenty of clean water




Reaching one goal at a time is my idea of sustainable harmony and wellness!



I work to help my clients find simple ways of incorporating these tips (and more) into their every day!

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