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Six Month Culinary Nutrition Program

(Two Options)

My 6 Month Program is priced on a sliding scale.  More specific information is available after an initial consultation.


Six Month Phone/Skype Program

12 One-Hour Sessions, Unlimited Email Support - $400~800

6 One-Hour Sessions, Unlimited Email Support - $250~$450


Six Month On Location Program

 12 One-Hour Sessions, Unlimited Email Support - $500~$900

 6 One-Hour Sessions, Unlimited Email Support - $350~$550



Group and Private Health Supportive Cooking Classes and Parties

My goal is to help others find natural healthful alternatives to the foods they love. With a little modification and some creativity we can continue eating all our favorite flavors while promoting health and wellness. My cooking classes are designed to empower others to cook with real food ingredients and to become confident in the kitchen.

2Hr. class is $175 plus $10 per person


Healthy Pantry Makeover

Keeping healthy options in the kitchen will allow for sustainable change. Learn what to keep (and why), how to ditch the overly processed versions of convenience foods, what real food items store well to create simple tasty meals for your family, and how to save your health as well as your money.



Happy Healthy Home

Your home should be a healthy place for you to spend your time. Learn what is truly safe for you and your family, ways to make your home clean and green while saving money, body care and cleaning products, as well as which products you can easily make yourself.



90 Minute Guided Grocery Store Tours

Get help navigating the aisles and learn useful tips on how to keep a well stocked pantry, which is the first step to healthy eating. What you have in your home matters, if you keep the right things available you will better succeed at reaching your health goals.

$80/hr (included in 6 month program)


Nutrient Dense Foods Crash Course

Learn to make choices that will help you reduce calories and increase nutrient intake. We’ll focus on how to boost nutrition in meals & snacks, while cutting unnecessary calories. You’ll learn tips on portion control, nutritional “timing”, and how to stay motivated to make the right choices even when surrounded by the wrong ones. 

$80/hr (included in 6 month program)


Time & Money Savers In The Kitchen

Learn how to save money on food, what foods are worth buying organic, and what to buy in bulk. I offer suggestions and tips for meal planning as well as food preparation strategies and shortcuts.

$50/hr (included in 6 month program)


Label Reading Tips and Information Basics

I will help you learn to understand what is in the foods that you are buying and what you might want to avoid.  

$50/hr (included in 6 month program)


Speaking Engagements

I have the pleasure of presenting engaging educational culinary nutrition talks and seminars on a variety of topics. I speak about nutrition and healthy eating to diverse and varied audiences of all sizes and ages, ranging from educational institutions, corporate events, meetings, clubs and organizations, workplace wellness groups, scout troops, businesses, families and more.

Pricing based on pre-determined agreement. Please get in touch for a quote.


Personal Chef Service

I will create beautiful meals, prepared to order, and designed by your taste preferences. I do all the work and you can sit back and absorb the benefits, literally.

Pricing based on customized pre-arranged menu. As little as $30/day