Psyllium Breadlettes


2 Cups Almond Meal
1 Cup Coconut Flour
1/2 Cup Psyllium Husk Powder
1/4 Cup Chia Seeds, ground
1 TBS baking Soda
2 Apples, pureed
1.5 Cups Warm Water, possibly more
1 tsp Real Salt

Totally Optional
3 TBS Coconut Oil, melted
Cinnamon, to taste
Vanilla, to taste

Blend apples, water and oil and add to dry ingredients. Let this sit for 5-10 minutes to allow the psyllium to absorb the water. Roll about a 1/2 cup of the dough into balls and place into greased muffin tins.
If the dough doesn't hold together when rolled add a bit more water.
Alternately, mold into a loaf and bake on parchment paper. Can also be baked thinly spread as crackers.
Bake at 400 degrees for 33 minutes and shut off the oven to cool. Leaving bread in while the oven cools allows the center to cook through and prevent undercooked sticky bread.
Store in an airtight container in a cool dry place. The refrigerator will cause it to become moldy quickly because of the high humidity.
In our house this bread is also known as Paleo Poop Bread because of the psyllium husk, which can improve regularity. My husband wouldn't let me put that in the title for fear that it would scare people away. When consuming psyllium please be sure to drink enough water to prevent it from binding you up.