Nutrition Education


My passion is for demonstrating and instructing others on living and eating in a way that keeps us in accord with the natural rhythms of the seasons. I use only the highest quality seasonal, real food ingredients and cooking methods to create simple and delicious nourishing foods.

My cooking classes are designed to empower others to cook with real food ingredients and to become confident and self sufficient in the kitchen.

I am always open to providing an extended menu of class topics but have included my most popular ones below.

I am flexible when it comes to classes and have taught numerous variations on the following topics.


Allergen Free Cooking

When newly diagnosed with food allergies or sensitivities most people feel a bit overwhelmed and could use some guidance. Avoiding gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, nuts and sugar can become a simple thing once you get the hang of it. This class will show you how you can eat allergen free and still be satisfied.

Plant Based Meals and Snacks

Plant foods contain the important nutrition that we all need to stay healthy, so whether you are ready to give up animal foods or not, adding more plants to your diet will improve your health and wellness. Go beyond the salad and overcooked broccoli and learn some creative ways to add nutrition with plants at every meal!

Clean Eating 101

Reading labels and paying attention to what you put in your body is the first step to eating clean. Simply understanding what is in your food can take you from packaged food to clean eating in no time. If you can't pronounce it, it probably shouldn't go in your mouth. Education is empowering!

The Importance of Eating The Rainbow (Kids Class)

Snacks should be thought of as mini-meals and should always be satisfying and nutritious. Including more color in the diet provides the nutrition needed for healthy kids. This class will offer many clever tips for busy families who want to provide healthier snacks for their children.

Green Smoothies

Adding more nutrition to your diet is simple and tasty with green smoothies. A meal (or snack) can be whipped up in minutes to include all of the nutrition that you need to feel great, without tasting like you're drinking a salad.

Super Foods For A Super You

Superfoods are amazing nutrient dense gifts from nature. This special category of foods contain beneficial health promoting properties and can be added in at every meal. You're probably already eating some without even realizing it! Learn to expand your nutritional intake and maybe even develop your own superpower?

Food Fast, Not Fast Food

In less time than it takes to have a pizza delivered you can create your own nourishing meals using real food ingredients. By batch cooking you can have dinner ready in minutes, without sacrificing your health. Cook once and eat multiple times while creating and promoting health in your kitchen.

Healthy Pantry Makeover

What you have available dictates your success at improving your eating  habits. Learn what real food items store well and can be kept on hand to help create simple tasty meals for your family. Ditch the overly processed versions of convenience foods and save your health as well as your money.

Eating With The Seasons

Learn to stay in balance by following the natural rhythms of the seasons. Nature creates what we need when we need it, so eating with the seasons helps us to maintain strong and healthy immune systems and creates happy, balanced people. When eaten in season, food is more nutritious, it tastes better, and it will cost you less.

DIY Plant Milks and Oil Free Dressings

Some of the things that we think of as healthy are often ruined by adding unhealthy ingredients. Things like dressings, marinades and sauces can all be created with very few ingredients and will taste fresh and delicious. Plant milks such as almond, oat, soy, rice and coconut can all be created at home for pennies on the dollar without all of the added ingredients that disrupt our digestion. With a few simple tools you too can create your own homemade versions of these expensive (and not so healthy) foods.

Picnic Favorites

Nothing says summer like packing your lunch and enjoying your meal outdoors. There are some foods that travel well and others that don't. Learn to create simple, healthy, tasty meals and snacks that can be packed up and taken with you on those busy summer days. Just don't forget to pack the blanket!

Raw Desserts and Treats

Delicious nutrient dense desserts can be made using simple plant based ingredients so there is no need to heat up the oven when it is already hot outside. Learn some tips for making great summer sweets that the whole family will love!

Real Food Substitutions

As a society, we have created a culture of convenience and instant gratification that is costing us our health. For a lot of people, just making a few simple changes can make a huge difference. There are lots of ways to simply adjust the ingredients being used and create more healthful foods for ourselves and our families. Small changes can make a big impact!