How I Came To Be Well

My passion for food began when I was in middle school and I took a Home Ec class where we learned how to make our own candy. For some reason I was fascinated by the candy thermometer... When approaching the 8th grade and being encouraged to go to a vocational high school, the Culinary Arts program there drew my attention. After finishing my education and working in the food industry for a time I no longer wanted to work the nights and weekends that the industry demanded and I decided to move on to a career as a professional portrait photographer. This new career allowed me to continue working in a creative and fast paced environment, but it left me longing for something more.

In my mid-twenties, as I embarked on my own journey towards better health, I discovered the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC and decided to further educate myself in the field of nutrition and wellness. I had no intention of pursuing a career in health coaching but wanted instead to improve my own health. As I moved towards finishing up the program at IIN I was transitioning from one lifestyle to another, moving from the reckless celebration of youthful freedom that was my early twenties to a more structured and healthy life as a young adult. I married my best friend and we began creating a more wholesome and sustainable life together. I continued to devour and educate myself on any and all things health and nutrition related and naively thought that I could transform the lives of everyone around me. Not everyone around me was as excited about making these changes as I was, but this is what pushed me to make nutrition education my career and to seek out others that have a passion for learning how wellness can be achieved through healthy choices. I realize that my true passion lies in educating others on health and nutrition and supporting them to create a more natural, sustainable life for themselves. 

I was fortunate enough to find a job as the Healthy Eating Specialist at my local health food store which led me to quickly realize my innate skill as an educator, speaker/presenter, and cooking instructor. In my private health coaching practice I was able to make a difference in the lives of those that I worked with one-on-one, but my new career allowed me to reach a much broader audience and really showed me what an impact I can make in the community...I WAS HOOKED! This success at translating such an important message drives me each day to pass on my skills and knowledge to benefit the wellness of others.

I enjoy teaching classes and providing healthy eating education and support for youth organizations and at schools, at farms and other local businesses and workplaces, for senior centers and various local community groups like mom's clubs and scout troops, as well as within my own home. Over the years I have really honed my skills in the kitchen and developed my passion and skill for helping others to create balance and wellness in their own lives through living in harmony with nature and the seasons.  

As a Health Coach I work with my clients to find which food and lifestyle choices will work best for them so that they can live a more natural and balanced life. As a cooking instructor I use only the freshest, seasonal real food ingredients to create beautiful and nourishing foods that are simple and approachable to all. 

I am fortunate to both live and work as a passionate advocate for healthy living and I get to make an impact on others wellness every day. 

My Daily Affirmation Statement:

I will continue to utilize my knowledge and skills in nutrition and healthy living to instruct and empower others in making healthy choices and supporting them in adopting a lifestyle that is conducive to a higher quality of living.


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I received my certificate training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I was trained in over a hundred different dietary theories and I studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods.


***A holistic health coach is not a psychologist, doctor, dietitian or nutritionist. I don’t take the place of your primary care physician, and I will not tell you that I can treat, cure or heal any long-term illnesses.