Sautéed Greens Of Any Sort

  • any leafy green such as chard, collards, kale etc.
  • onion
  • stock/bone broth/ water
  • spices of your choice (I like turmeric and cumin with garlic and onion in everything)
  • Love

Heat your pan and saute the sliced onions with your chosen spices until they begin to soften, adding tiny bits of liquid as needed to prevent sticking. Separate the stalk or rib from the greens. Lay the leaves flat and roll them before slicing into thin strips, chiffonade style, and add them to the pan with the onions. Add enough broth to wilt the greens. 

This is a very versatile, nutrient dense dish because you can use any number of different greens. Also, you can add just about anything to make this side a meal in itself. 

Some Additions To Consider
most vegetables; carrots, corn, mushrooms, peas, peppers etc.
nut, seeds, beans
tahini and lemon juice
basil, and if you do dairy, some cheese
...the possibilities are nearly endless