“Hi Dawn, Just wanted to thank you again for the cooking demo and healthy eating discussion. Everyone loved the dishes you prepared and had lots of positive things to say about your presentation.”

“Hi Dawn, Thank you SO MUCH for a great program! Several parents came up to me after the program to say how much they enjoyed the program and all of the great information and tasty samples. Personally, I can't wait to try some of the recipes at home! I was so happy to see everyone so interested...even the younger ones!!!!! You could also tell how good the program was by the way the way people stayed to talk to you afterwards. :) Great job! thanks! “ 

“Hi Dawn, I wanted to thank you for meeting with me today. It was great to meet you, and I found our discussion to be SO helpful; it's amazing how much there is to learn about healthy eating! You are truly knowledgeable about nutrition and were able to articulate the information in a simplified manner. Eating a healthy diet is so important and has definitely been a benefit to me, so I look forward to learning all that I can to continue on "the journey." Thanks again. “

“Dawn, Thank you for a wonderful presentation last night. I enjoyed the information you shared and especially being able to taste some of the delicious and healthy recipes you prepared. Thanks again”

“Dawn, Thank you very much for the amazing event last night. Everyone had a spectacular time and the biggest take away was listening to how much everyone learned. You do realize that you are having a dramatic impact on people and their eating habits right? Your hard work is greatly appreciated and I really appreciate all that you do on our behalf. Thanks“

“Great trip yesterday, you are truly amazing! Thank you for your time and thoughtfulness - the girls clearly had a great time!”

“...the education you are offering is so needed and you present it in such a non-threatening (non-judgmental), upbeat, and matter of fact manner...Thank you again.”


“Thx Dawn, I cooked my wheat berries this morning and they taste exactly the way I remember them and they're so easy to do. Thank you for all the learning last night.”

“Hi Dawn, How are you? I really enjoyed the class. I especially loved making the trains! Thank you very much for the almond cream cheese! Mom and I enjoyed it since we are both vegans. Thank you very much for all the healthy eating tips you gave. Please send me an email if you happen to do another class before the end of break. Once again, thank you so much for teaching the rainbow vegetable class today!” (age 9)

“You are A #1 in our book, w/ your knowledge and pizazz :) Thank you! Keep up the amazing food presentations.”

“Thank you so much Dawn. I so enjoyed your class and am so excited to do more with bone broths. I look forward to seeing you again!”

“Dawn, You were super informative today! Thanks so much for sharing all of your knowledge. We will definitely keep the cooking class option in mind. Have a great weekend “